After Orange Slices

Believe in the Power of the Mind: Lessons from missing the Olympics, with 2x National Champion Swimmer Seth Pepper” — NFL Cheerleader and Journalist “Bridget Case” breaks down “real life” outside the game and sucker punches athlete stereotypes. Spotlight on one of our best guests @sethpepper … His story is so inspiring & he preaches the unspoken truth. Do you know how powerful your mind is? What do you do when you’re one of the best swimmers in the world, racing stroke for stroke with the reigning Olympic Gold Medalist? You harness the power of the mind. 2x National Champion Swimmer Seth Pepper pops in today to take us through his real-life “mental experiment”. Seth discusses his pro career and the panic attacks that paralyzed him then, and how those past experiences transformed him into the successful Mental Performance Coach he is today.


Useful tools and tips from Seth Pepper, as well as articles and podcasts episodes he has been featured on.