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"I value the opportunity to be able to get up in front of an audience."

J.D. Mellberg Financial

"Hey Seth, thank you so much again everyone really loved your presentation and insight. They are all big sports people so I knew they would connect well with you. Let’s discuss some coaching opportunities for some of my advisers.”

Talk about getting into my own flow-zone-moment wave and surfing the big one! Speaking at this $400M top financial adviser group’s third quarter planning meeting couldn't have been more electric! I felt their energy as soon as I walked in the room. Digging in deep about the necessary inner journey of mastery through the process – by moving into failure and enjoying the pressure – all to unlock their own pattern to Greatness.

JD Mellberg Financial Speaking Group

Clemson PhD Professional Development Series

"Your fans want you again!"

I was honored to be invited once again to lecture on Performance for the PhD Professional Development Seminar Series. These are the Elite Performers of the Academic World and I enjoy helping the next wave of professionals.


Eller Business School - Leadership Summit Keynote Speaker

Ranked as a top business school.

We discussed how Elite Performance translates across all fields – from the athletic field to business and even the arts world.

Eller College of Business 2

University of Arizona Student Athlete Department

"Everyone was so inspired and able to relate to your message. The rest of the teaching team told me numerous times that they have never seen the students so enthralled in a speaker."

-Director of University of Arizona Lecture Series


"I just love hearing you talk, I could sit here all day…I just don’t know what to ask!”

Student Attending the Lecture

U of A lecture

UMASS- Dartmouth Elite Performance Summit

Such an honor to share the space with my peers - Dee Brown, Dr Laura Mitchell Wilde, Dr Heather Larkin, Lexi Barros, Brandon Epstein, and Stephanie Barksdale.


University Career Development Series

35 years studying, developing, and applying my Signature Method-working with pro athletes, directors, executives, and even 6-year-olds. When we lose our joy and become scared, we make mistakes and stop showing up.

Sigma Chi

In person Keynote Speaking

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