Proof is in the Performance Results.

        “You are truly amazing and filled with such great energy! I was tooting your horn so your ears might have been burning… working on The Pepper Method! I love, love, love all the help, Mr. Miracle Worker!! Got that flow state going on… Amazing!!!!!!!!!”  —  Billionaire

        “Your work with the Ph.D. students was impressive. Clemson is always looking for ways to give our students a competitive advantage — an advantage in their research and academic performance, and ultimately an advantage in their careers. You demonstrated that mental performance is one large area of untapped potential for growth in our students. Anyone who aims to be a high achiever, like most Ph.D. candidates do, would be looking to identify holes in their game and want to fill those gaps. Who doesn’t want to manage pressure better and improve their performance?”  —  Clemson PhD Program Director

        " I am feeling more in control of my ambitions and how I intend to get there. It’s very satisfying and reduces stress. I can’t articulate it, but I wish I had this help when I was younger. What you teach should be in schools.”  —  Dinnie Stone Lifter, World Record Holder, Strongman

     "Seth Pepper is an Elite Mental Performance Coach. He consults and works with those who strive to get the most out of their own skills and abilities. His clients range from athletes, coaches and teams within professional sports leagues including the PGA, LGPA, ATP, WTA, MLB, NFL, NHL, NCAA, and The Olympics. His methods and coaching have amounted to the capturing of championships and praise from many. Further, he speaks to CEO’s, their teams and individuals within high performance professions and businesses. The goal for Seth in every case is clear: 'Accessing each person’s unlimited potential'."  — Top Podcast Host

     "Truly appreciate everything and intentions of one’s well-being. This year has come with many great challenges which have pressured me into being a better believer in myself and ability to work harder at thanking my family for their loving support. I love how you taught me to find and fight for that pressure and use it to get into a flow state. I am truly blessed to have you in my corner, Coach."    — Netflix Director and Producer of the #2 Film in the World

     "Seth, a National Champion swimmer out of the University of Arizona, has dedicated his professional life to helping people master mental performance. He has helped World Champions, C-Suite executives, film directors, and many others through mental health, confidence, and identity training and development. No matter who you are (youth sports coach, parent, salesperson, artist, etc.) or what you're trying to achieve, mental performance is crucial, and it's been left of out the conversation for too long."  — National Champion and Podcast Host

     “Seth, thank you. I was able to settle my nerves (excitement) and rip drives long and down the center of the fairway when I had to! I was able to use all our tools under pressure; I used everything we worked on!!!! Finally, thank you so much for helping me discover my inner self this is my first win since college! Thank you, I am so happy, I followed our strategy”  — 2x Professional Golf Champion

     “Seth Pepper. Thank you. I’m so grateful! I love having you as a resource. I’m usually the one having to pick people up or keep them levelheaded. Thank you for all your help and efforts. Seriously! I love you stepping in. I love you because you’re yourself. I love your drive and commitment and most importantly, man you’re a good person even though the world could have hardened you. Thank you for being that rock in the flood. Once it receded you were still there. Sturdy and grounded. Thank you!”  — Professional Basketball Player in the NBA with the World Champion Toronto Raptors Organization

     "Seth Pepper is a disruptor in the world of sports. What he did first, and then with his brother is unheard of. Who starts a sport at 14? Who starts a sport at 17? He did. They did. Let's me super clear here - Seth and his brother both went on to be Natty Champs as the kids say."  — 30 Year FM Radio Show Host and Speaker

     "Thanks Seth! Yes, training, and mental game was perfect today. I raced without fear and took on the Olympic champ and multiple world champion and did my best to beat him and race with authority. It was awesome.”  — Olympian and 2x Professional World Champion Ironman Runner-Up

     "Just got done with second game... I went through our visual exercises and power phrases just read them out loud walking to the game... I scored our first goal!!!! And played my best. Talk about activation ... The stuff works Seth, it works!! I am here. I am present. I am not afraid of my success. I belong. I am me and I am all that I need. I took three deep inhales and exhales and took the field. Thank you, Seth. There’s something with your centeredness... You are so centered that it brings constant to Me. I’ve played about the best football I’ve ever played. Being named captain of 30 other pros, allowed me to positively impact some of the other players here. One who is not present or certain inside themselves wouldn’t have ever gotten an opportunity like that. I am so grateful. Cheers to all the work and time you gave the Me! Thank you!! From the bottom of my heart!”  — Professional Soccer Player

     "A 2-time National Champion swimmer turned elite mental performance coach, Seth Pepper has seen top level sports from every angle. His insight - hard-won from decades of experience - is fascinating and will be a benefit to any athlete at any level. Even for those of us who watch from the sidelines, he's got some superb advice."  — F1 Racing Broadcaster and Writer

      "Friday night we had dinner with a Louis Vuitton model. It was such a heartwarming conversation - the guy was just giving all kinds of great advice. One thing he said, "have your team in place". On the cab ride home, “Seth is the first person on my team". I know it’s hard to hear in his voice sometimes, but he values you, respects you, appreciates you, and wants you as #1 on his team! ❤️"  — Emmy Award Judge, University Professor and Creator of Popular Animation Series

     “To be honest you helped me a lot. I sleep much better right now, and I feel way better than before. Today was the first practice when I felt that I actually wanna be on the court.”  — World Ranked Top WTA Player

     "I've received my callback from the top school of dance in the nation & we are making steps towards the goals also, I've noticed such a difference in mindset lately & can't wait to keep working!"  — Dancer at Top Dance Academy

     "Thanks Seth!! Your guidance is really paying off! He had a very solid week in practice. And made a nice save in the game today! I had been meaning to write you on how much I enjoyed our conversation the other day! I have felt much more positive about his situation after talking to you, with the feeling that he is learning life skills through this resistance and building his resilience.... So, you're helping me too!! Thanks again and all the best!"  — Parent to MLS Soccer [Football] Player

    "Training starts now! I could use your input.”  — Marvel Studio Actor

     "This year hasn't been the greatest for me,' said Jodi Ewart Shadoff, now in her 11th year on Tour. 'Been working on a lot of breathing just to settle me down.' She’s been working hard with mental coach Seth Pepper to calm her mind on the course and set a routine to keep her game in balance."  — LPGA Article

     "I just got my biggest check ever from a sponsor. Couldn't of done that without your help. Wouldn't of had the confidence or effort or mindset before you."  — Tour Pro Golfer

    "Coach Seth, who has been amazing with providing me with the tools to navigate a path towards extreme success."  — Cinematographer for Notorious BIG, Outkast and much more

     "You're such a huge part of our success today. It takes a village! Thank you for all your help, advice and guidance."  — D1 Head Coach of Top 10 program

     "Thanks to you Seth, we took home that leader’s jersey. A huge thanks for everything you have done."  — Parent of Cyclist at The Nationals

       "Seth is the best in the industry IMO (In My Opinion) and continues to show he has an incredible ability to capture our personal and professional phantom doubts and elevate everyone he talks to with strong focus of capitalizing on potential and even going beyond what we believe to be possible. We are so proud of Ryan and I am very thankful to my brother Seth Pepper for all of the amazing results Ryan has had working with him and his training."  — 5x State Champion Coach and Parent to D1 Scholarship Ivy League Hockey Player

    “I’m a big believer in ‘If you don’t bring it, you can’t find it’ ... Seth is very good, I think he’s the Best in The World at helping people find it, when they do not have it.” — 2x LPGA Champion Caddie

     "To anyone that is going through a valley right now, I am living proof that what Seth teaches works, and life changes in an instant. Go Team !!!” — 6x PGA Champion Caddie

     "Every time we connect, I feel better and more positive. You are awakening and heightening and unleashing the beast in me. That’s amazing Seth. I feel happy and confidant. In the flow state and loving it. Presence, gratitude, performance, and mastery all wrapped up.” — ATP Top 20 Player and D1 Head Coach

     "So Awesome, to Visually be able to see The Process unfold in front of us. All the Mental Work we did ... to see it come to Fruition is Amazing. Now, I can SEE the Difference!” — Current ATP Tour Champion

     "It’s powerful! I get sentimental. I think I have a new reference case for you ... I got the Job! The Real Deal!” — #1 Sales Executive just offered C-Suite position at the Fastest Growing Tech Company in Europe

     "I am feeling the effects kicking in. I’ve been under pressure but enjoying the process of dealing with it! It’s a very refreshing and enlightening experience.” — Netflix Producer and Director of the #2 Film in the World

     "Respect means understanding that each person has authentic career goals and then being sensitive to their life choices. Seth Pepper helps people to help their people achieve these career goals in a way that’s consistent with the needs of the company or organization. Trust means allowing people to do their jobs, have autonomy and to therefore make strong decisions. It means knowing that your people want to do well and believing with support and patience that they will. Seth Pepper understands and fosters this ethos with his clients.”  —  Rugby World Cup 2027 General Manager


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